Sunday Blues

When I was in a job I hated I often had a severe case of the Sunday Blues. It is a truly debilitating condition where the main symptom is the loss of every Sunday afternoon due to the looming dread of Monday morning. With me, it manifests itself pretty much as below:


Funny thing is though that today, even though I don’t have a job to go to tomorrow, I have still come down with them. It’s for different reasons of course as I find myself not looking forward to a day of loneliness because my boyfriend, family and friends all still have jobs to go to.

I haven’t even been out of work two days and the guilt, oh the guilt I feel. One thing is for certain, my house will be spotless and my boyfriends dinner will be cooked every night in time for him coming home while I am unemployed. It’s the least I can do while he patiently and ever lovingly supports me.

Today has been spent mentally preparing myself for the job hunt. I’ve done some research and plan to contact some agencies tomorrow, speak to their career advisors and see if I can find something that catches my eye.

I’ve also been thinking outside the box regarding alternatives to structured work and have gone so far as to plan what my dog walking/fence painting/grass cutting advert would say.

Honestly, I don’t think the reality of being jobless is going to hit me until the alarm goes off tomorrow and I have absolutely no reason to get up. It’s pretty lame feeling like you have no daily purpose or routine but I’m trying to stay positive… we’re in the middle of a heatwave for example so what better time to not be stuck in an office.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Blues

      1. Oh blah, you are looking toward job hunting and by the sound of it ready to get out there and get a job.

        If someone stigmatises you when you out looking for work it says far more about them than you to be honest! 😊


  1. Don’t beat yourself up.
    Take time to be kind to yourself.
    Good luck in your job-hunting …I hope you find your dream job.
    If people stigmatise you because you don’t have a job they are the ones with the problem.

    Looking forward to more of your blog.



  2. Don’t worry about being unemployed, this is a huge opportunity! Take some time to think about what you want to do and make a plan. Many people would kill for the time to sit quietly and focus on how to get into their dream career. I look forward to reading more about your progress! Good luck!


    1. Thank you for the support. I am currently sat at my kitchen table, coffee in hand, researching like a crazy woman. I will not let this chance go to waste… plus I am on garden leave and being paid so it’s kinda like a holiday. Woohoo!


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