Diamonds, no wait, Bourbon Biscuits are a girls best friend

I love food. My days are planned around when I can next eat and the in between parts are spent looking forward to the upcoming food. Now I am temporarily jobless I can eat whenever I want and this is bad. So, so bad. See below actual footage of me devouring the bourbon biscuits mentioned in the title.


I have never been a slight girl. But then I am not large either. I am very much average.

When I was at my lowest weight and smallest dress size, I was eating the bare minimum and cycling a minimum of 12 miles a day. Coupling this with a full time job, my life was not that much fun.

When I met my boyfriend I was at this point in life and over the course of our two year relationship we have both put on a few pounds. I moan about my own weight gain occasionally and he always says he that it doesn’t matter to him and he loves me whatever I weigh. Of course I don’t believe him… but maybe I should, because when he complains about his own weight gain I say the same and genuinely mean it.

**Soppy bit alert** When I look at him at him all I see is the love of my life. I see his dazzling smile, his bright eyes and perfection personified (my idea of perfection at least). I love his heart and his soul and whatever weight he is, I really do not see that changing. **Soppy bit is over now**

These thoughts regardless, I need to curb my biscuit habit. I might even need to break out my trusty bicycle again to keep myself in line but it’s comforting to know that in someone’s eyes, I’m perfect. Jobless, slightly overweight and absolutely perfect.

And I am positive someone views you, dear reader, the same way. They just might not have told you yet.



5 thoughts on “Diamonds, no wait, Bourbon Biscuits are a girls best friend

  1. You are absolutely right.

    I also truly believe you should love yourself completely; warts (or love handles) and all.

    Check out my diet (on my first blog) for an easy way that worked for me. You may like it you may not. I would love to know what you think.

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