Reasons to hire me (and every other one of my currently unemployed brethren and sisterhood)

First up, we’d just be really, REALLY grateful. To do an honest days work and not feel like a sponger would be the best. Plus, we don’t know how much more daytime tv we can take. I love a bit of Homes Under The Hammer and Loose Women as much as the next person but I think I can actually feel my IQ dropping as each day goes by.

Secondly, we’d work super hard. All you think when you hear we’re currently not working is that we’re lazy. We’re not. Many of us had to leave our jobs for complicated reasons; reasons that we will probably never get the chance to explain to you without sounding like we’re making excuses but trust us, we want to work.

If the decision to leave our previous role was our own then we are brave! It shows we are not scared to make changes or do what has to be done to pursue our goals. We’re not quitters. We just know what we want and what we deserve… and we want you(r advertised role).

Our stint out of work has given us time to think, time to reflect. Our lives have been put in perspective and we are making conscious decisions about our futures, not just jumping from one position to the next almost identical position because it offered more money. You may think money is the only thing that motivates the hunt for work in unemployment. No, passion and purpose also play a huge part. We don’t just want a job, we want happiness and opportunity and we think we can get it with your company in your role… aren’t you flattered?!

It’s been proved that we are resilient people. The employment gods have dealt us our fair share of struggles and yet here we are… still applying, still trying, still willing and still staying (somewhat) positive.

We can make a decent cup of tea and coffee and we’ll always be willing to make our fair share of rounds. For tea, it’s sugar, teabag, hot water, brew for minimum of 2 minutes, strain and add milk. For coffee, it’s sugar, coffee, milk (so the coffee doesn’t burn) then hot water. We would even bring in office biscuits and cake on our birthdays.

We’re just as talented, skilled and professional as the people currently working. They already have jobs… so give one to us!

P.S. I can’t say this for everyone but I have a cute bunny which I would totally let you pet if you hire me. No, that’s not a euphamism.

5 thoughts on “Reasons to hire me (and every other one of my currently unemployed brethren and sisterhood)

  1. This is so true. The job I went for last week was given to someone who wanted a job closer to home. I just want a chance, there is only so much “Friends” I can take before I go insane.

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      1. The New Year date pact episode? Seriously, Comedy Central need to find more programmes to show!

        Yes, it was infuriating, but someone will hire all of those who are looking, I am sure of that.


      2. Haha, yes! I would rather be watching 16 and pregnant on MTV but I had the seen the episode they’re showing literally last week.

        Definitely. It’s just so hard staying positive. Chain drinking cups of tea and coffee and inhaling biscuits does help ease the pain though.

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      3. I avoid the biscuits (have put on so much weight since the redundancy) but definitely drink a lot of tea and coffee, I have used about 28 strong coffee pods and a whole bag of tea in the last 9 weeks…but it’s good!


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