Scrap everything I said in “Once a Buyer, always a Buyer?” aka Someone must have read “Reasons to hire me”

I am not going to get ahead of myself but guess what?!

I have an interview on Friday and it’s for a job that’s not in PROCUREMENT. Oh my god, I am so happy I could cry. This is what I did when I got off the phone:

Even just getting the interview offer… that’s all I needed right now. I needed a glimmer of hope that there is life outside of being a Buyer and I f*cking got it. I am going out now to buy a snazzy new outfit to hopefully wow them with. 

Call me paranoid but I won’t put any details about the role or company just yet so as not to affect my chances but I promise will keep you posted on how it goes. Wish me luck!

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15 thoughts on “Scrap everything I said in “Once a Buyer, always a Buyer?” aka Someone must have read “Reasons to hire me”

      1. I made the mistake of thinking ‘big’ last week and pride came before a massive fall. This time I am just going to go in there knowing that I can do the job and it would keep Darcy in the Applaws she seems to want to become accustomed to.

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      1. That’s fantastic news, will keep my fingers crossed for you. They liked me on paper, liked me in person, but had a few questions because the role was more sales-y than I had been led to believe. Just need to wait now.

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      2. No kidding. I am going to try and keep really busy. Now’s the time to dig out all those unfinished novel ideas and my Marvel boxsets.


    1. Nothing! Argh. I am going out of my mind!! Sorry to read about your interview last week… it seems like it wasn’t a great fit. When things don’t work out, it just means life is directing you to something better. That’s what I tell myself anyway haha


      1. Waiting is the worst bit. I used to think that applying and then hearing nothing was bad, but waiting after an interview and knowing that you are going to hear something at some point is just the most frustrating thing. Fingers crossed you hear soon. I am just about to apply for a job I THINK I may have applied for before, but clearly the person they interviewed last time and hired didn’t work so it’s not going to hurt to try again!


    1. Hello. My huge apologies on being so quiet. I have been abroad and have also had some tech issues (my ancient tablet which I used to write posts died, god rest it’s soul). But… good news! I got the job. I actually start tomorrow 🙂 I am going to write a blog post now to catch up on my last few weeks. How is your search going? I am going to catch up on blogs tonight, looking forward to reading yours 🙂


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