What unemployment taught me (with bonus excuses!)

Well, this is my first blog post in a few weeks and I am glad to see the whole of wordpress hasn’t ground to a halt without me. Good work guys. Keep it up.

The reasons for my absence are threefold. 

  1. I was on my jollies abroad for 2 weeks so I was, you know, enjoying drinking a few too many cocktails with my partner. 
  2. I returned home and my blogging equipment had given up the ghost so I am currently typing this on my phone which is not ideal.
  3. This past week I have been very ill. Think the projectile vomiting scene in The Exorcist… I will spare you the gory details.

Anyway, I got the freakin’ Estate Agent job! I start tomorrow and I am so excited. I have never looked forward to starting a job more. The encouragement I have recieved has been overwhelming with every person I tell the news to sighing and saying “You will be soooo good at that!” I will get to help people find their first home, their dream home, a place to raise kids or grow old happily in retirement. It’s no community service like being a nurse or a fire fighter but in some little way, I will be helping people and sharing in some joy in their life and that makes me so happy.

Strangely, I am almost a little sad my unemployment has come to an end. I was out of work approximately 6 weeks in total and it turned out to mostly be an enjoyable break. It was just short enough to still feel like an extended holiday and not quite long enough to start to feel like a drag or get me too worried.

And I learned alot about myself and life in general in those 6 weeks. I learned what was really important to me. Not money, not status but simply my family, friends and happiness. I learned to entertain myself because of all the time I was spending alone. I learned that I was actually a pretty resilient individual who can adapt to survive and stay sane. I learned that no matter how hopeless a situation, how dim the future may seem, how much you have been made to doubt your own abilities, that a person will bounce back bigger, better and stronger than ever before… and I am back, bitches! To wordpress, to the working world and to my old badass self.

4 thoughts on “What unemployment taught me (with bonus excuses!)

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been ill, but that’s amazing news about the job. Looking at the clock I’m sure that you’re already asleep and mentally readying yourself for your first day in your new career. Good luck and everything else that goes with that first new day; hoping that the weather holds out at least until you get there, the people are nice, the job is everything you need it to be 🙂

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