Why Autumn is the most superior season

If I could marry a season, it would be Autumn. If I could punch a season, it would be Summer. Good riddance to sweat patches, unruly children and perpetual misery. Bye Felicia… I mean Summer.

I am sure you don’t need convincing but I’d like to share with you why I love Autumn so much and if you do need convincing, well, then we can’t be friends. Go away.

1) The weather. Oh. My. God. Is there ANYTHING better than a crisp, cool, sunshiney day? I don’t think so and I won’t believe you if you try to convince me otherwise.

2) The clothing. Boots. Scarves. Tailored coats. Jumpers. Autumn is the fashionistas season and the friend of everyone… not just people with washboard abs and golden, sun bleached hair. Yeah, I am looking at you Summer.

3) The drinks. Warm hot chocolate. Mulled, spiced cider. Frothy coffees of every kind. So many calories but you can totally hide it under all your AWESOME autumnal clothing layers.

4) The food. Warming soups. Delicious veggies. Candy apples. Again, god bless those autumn layers.

5) The clocks go back. An extra hour in bed, you say? Well, if you insist Autumn you beautiful season, you. Also, it’s dark early so people will be less socially active meaning you can live the hermit life you have always wanted. Snuggle under those blankets, put on those cosy socks, light those scented candles. You’ve been out and dealing with people ALL SUMMER. You deserve it!

6) Halloween ofc. If all the cute little ones dressed up doesn’t melt your heart then you are dead inside. Pro tip: buy more sweers than you will ever possibly need and keep the left overs for yourself… or just buy loads of sweets, have a change of heart, turn off all the lights, pretend you’re not in and eat them all. I won’t judge you. Nobody would.

7) Bonfire night. The fireworks, tasty burgers, commemorating a treasonous attempt to oust the king and government back in the 1600s by throwing a Guy Fawkes effigy on top of a huge fire. What’s not to enjoy?

8) School starts again.I like kids (see point 6) but not when they’re screeching like banshees in the street or getting in my way at the supermarket or in any other scenario. School guarantees me six whole hours free the horror of other peoples kids. Thank you Autumn.

9) The most important day of the year falls in Autumn… my birthday! I’m 28 this year but only in body. In my mind I am still 18.

10) The C word. I won’t say it… but Autumn starting means we’re on the downward slope to family, fun and (most importantly) PRESENTS!

As a side note, my first week as an Estate Agent went so well. A lot of the bigger companies in this market focus hugely on sales and targets but my company is different. My company is small, intimate and focuses on customer service. The work isn’t hard but it is interesting which is more than can be said for my last job. I am just so unbelievably happy right now and positive for the future.

The positivity has spread to other parts of my life too. I am looking after myself better; eating well, drinking water, walking to work. I have set myself a goal to lose some weight and just generally get a little fitter. My other half is on board with it too so yay, a support network.

2016 started well, nose dived pretty bad but it’s on the upturn again just in time for my favourite season.


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