Sorry, if I offended you… Not sorry

Someone taking offence is a strange concept to me because I personally am not easily offended. Swearing. Nudity. Bad taste jokes. I literally do not give a toss.

My view is if it’s your mouth, your body or your sense of humour then it is your choice. If I don’t want to hear, see or partake in it… I will just remove myself from the situation. Simple enough.

Yet, for some reason, I feel the need to censor myself in order to not offend others. Is this just politeness? Or am I being supressed?

In this day and age we seem to be ruled by the few. It seems the majority have to accomodate the minority which is a little backward to me. I understand that some people may not want to be exposed to naughty words or seeing other peoples no no places… but if other people want to say naughty words and show their no no places then whose opinion is more important? Seemingly, the “prude”. But why? 

Ofcom did a survey recently to find out what words TV viewers found least and most offensive and I disagreed with many of the results (is Punani really more offensive than Sh*t?!) But it really interested me to see how the masses thought and how opinions on things like swear words had changed over time. 

For example, religious comments such as goddamn and Jesus Christ were among the least offesive. 50 or so years ago I am sure this would not have been the case with many a gentile folk fainting at the mere idea of taking the lords name in vain. I wonder if in a few more years, f*ck, motherf*cker and (the worst word of all… apparently) c*nt will be casually spoken like a todays Jesus Christ.

The list is below if you feel like looking, apologies if the quality is a bit low.

Obviously there are some words that are under no circumstances acceptable to use. I am talking about the racial, homophobic etc slurs. While these are not necessarily “offensive” to me I still do not use them because, well, I’m not a racist or homophobic person. I make a point to ensure I don’t surround myself with such people so thankfully, I am not exposed to such language. That is a choice I made and action I took to make it so, similar to what a person who is offended by nudity or swearing can do if they don’t like what they are seeing or hearing.

Regarding swear words though, I am gonna keep using them. Within reason and at appropriate times though, of course, because I am a considerate person. But if you don’t like it, well, then C U Next Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “Sorry, if I offended you… Not sorry

  1. So ‘ginger’ is considered mildly offensive. Better tell Greg and John that they aren’t allowed to prepare gingernuts or gingerbread anymore – or find another word for it. I sometimes have to bang my head against a desk because people are just so sensitive these days (WHY?).

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      1. It really does strike me that people are so sensitive these days, honestly. What gets me the most (as someone who has struggled with their weight FOREVER), no one has any issues with referring to someone who is fat…as though that’s acceptable but calling someone ginger is not. Somewhere along the lines something has gone very wrong with society.

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